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Presenting the world with nature's purest & finest range of products like Hair Oil, Jasmin Hair Oil, Coconut Hair Oil, Hair Gel, Olive Hair Oil etc.

About Us

Zam Zam Chemical Works Sdn.Bhd. began the pattern of manufacturing great quality items like Hair Oil. This organization has been built up for more than 9 years (2007) in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is an organization that will give everybody fulfillment for their day by day use in every restorative item. The hair oils like Jasmin Hair Oil, Olive Hair Oil, Coconut Hair Oil, Hair Gel, we offer contain Vitamin-E and Organic Herbs. Our oil based perfumes come in 8 Fragrance's (Firdaus, Sedap Malam, Kasturi, Se-Ribu Bunga, Malaikat Subuh, Rose, Kasturi Putih and Jumaat). All these are Free from Alcohol utilized at Home and Office for Fragrance.

Also, we have a wide range of Henna for Hair and Hand. For Hair we have Black and Brown Color. For Hand we have the common Henna in Box Packing and glue in Tube Form.

Zam Oil based Perfumes Associate's Patchouly Lotion, Duyung Lotion, Bunga Tanjong Lotion and additionally Zam Rose Water (Air Mawar), all these can be utilized for Wedding's and different Ceremonies. It is additionally utilized as Bunga Rampai as a part of Malaysia and Potpury at homes.

Grandness Telcum Powder in 3 Fragrance's (Shannon, Jasper and Fenton) is additionally offered by Zam Chemical Works to its clients.

Due to the wide range of products & quality, the company has managed to form a strong client base all around the world right from the year of its inception.